Cellphone Diaries Cellphone Diaries: "Found this on You Tube while I was searching for content for my website Chavis Park in Raleigh, NC is my favorite park..."

Birmingham, Alabama
Photographs of historic landmarks built by the Black Community. 


4/15/09 Raleigh, NC Citizens gathered at the Old State Capital building for a Tax Tea Party Protest. Protesters held homemade signs, chanted conservative slogans and listened to speeches as they protested high taxes and Government spending.


Emphasis on Raleigh, NC. Home Town, Southern City, State Capital. brings you the best of Raleigh.

On April 6/09 The UNC Tarheels from Chapel Hill, NC won the final game to become the college basketball National Champions. A few minutes before the end of the game, UNC-Chapel Hill Students rushed Franklin Street and started celebrating their victory. As people cheered the victory, more students began to arrive, many who had watched the game at the Dean E. Smith Center. Over 30 thousand students, citizens and fans celebrated the Tarheel victory into the morning.

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